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Stereoscopic (3D) video productions

Although stereoscopic video has missed the mark in mass consumer adoption, it still creates a compelling experience, especially in controlled environments like experience centers or visitor areas. We master the tools and the trade and create your 3D experience. In combination with virtual reality applications, stereoscopic imagery is indispensable for the ultimate immersion.

The parallax view

Stereoscopic shoots involve two cameras (or a single camera with dual lenses and two image sensors) to capture the three-dimensional world. Apart from technology, it requires a crew that knows the underlying physics theory, because there is more to 3D filming than meets the eye. When done right, 3D video brings depth to the picture; when done poorly, the audience ends up with a headache. The same applies to computer generated stereoscopic video. Although the camera is virtual, the same concepts of inter-ocular distance, parallax, floating frames and visual clues apply.

Mastering different techniques

Because our brain needs to adjust to “seeing” stereoscopic images, the whole production process is different. Shots are longer, special care must be taken for objects that enter or leave the frame, depth needs to be reduced before a crossfade, etcetera. Our crews and editors master these skills and have the experience. Our 3D animators too know how to create stereoscopic animated sequences and team up with our VR department when the stereoscopic video is part of a virtual reality project.

Stereoscopic (3D) video
Stereoscopic (3D) video